As we reflect and pray for Burundi; is Kenya far from them ?


Reflecting into the heinous atrocities happening in Burundi, I concluded that to end Post Election violence in Africa, three things must be addressed;

  1. Ending Political fanaticism
  2. Strengthen legal regimes and respect    for the rule of law.
  3. Non- interference by the western nations in African      democracie especially elections.


Because the answers to Burundi’s conflict is in the interpretation of two Article’s of the Burundi’s constitution.

First is Article 301, which States;

“Any person having exercised the functions of President of the Republic during the period of transition is ineligible in the first presidential elections”.

And Article 96 which states;

“The president of the republic is elected by universal direct suffrage a mandate of five years renewable one time”

President Pierre Nkurunziza became a transitional president elected by parliament in 2005, but was first elected a president by universal direct suffrage for one term in 2010.

The Constitutional Court ruled that Nkurunziza was eligible to stand for a third term,because the first term was not an election through universal direct suffrage.

During the election, Pierre Nkurunziza CNDD–FDD won with 1,961,510 (equivalent 69.41%) followed by the opposition leader Agathon of Rwasa National Forces Liberation who got 536,625 (equivalent of 18.99%)

This means, Burundi has a clear constitution, which has been interpreted by a constitutional court to it’s meaning,and during the elections their was a clear winner with a margin of over 1.4 million votes.

The problem therefore is that the opposition defied the ruling by the constitutional court, which has even threatened the life of the court’s Vice President Sylvere Nimpagaritse making him to flee from the country, then USA and President François Hollande of France tried interfering with the process of election by influencing elections in favor of the opposition leader, then after the lose, the fanatics went out to violence choosing death.

Kenya in our context is still vulnerable to violence, we have seen our leaders trying to disobey our independent institutions, mocking our legal system and too much fanaticism for some Political Kingpins such as Mr Odinga, there has also been past interference into our system by some western powers.

This is a recipe of violence and must be addressed by all African states, because there is a likelihood of people declining to accept defeat, to undermine our courts of justice, to incite anger and hate amongst their fanatics and further to have the western countries Begin to dictate us on how we should carry out our Democratic choices.

The end result is violence!

I am deeply concerned about these developments as they suggest a serious, deliberate and insidious attack on the rule of law, the independence and integrity of African sovereign state’s  and their judicial systems.

We must maintain neutrality regarding the factual circumstances surrounding Justice, independence of institutions and sovereignty of African states.

Be Vigilant With Mr Odinga’s Recent Defiance Of The Constitutional Order.

One would wonder, if Raila Amolo Odinga had evidence to show that indeed money was lost on his allegations about the Euro Bond, why would he try to resist being served with summons? Has he suddenly lost his confidence?

Instead, he now wants to incite Kenyans that he was locked up, yet he locked himself inside so as resist service of summons, before his online army led by Robert Alai immediately lashed out to incite his supporters by intertwining facts.

The Chief Inspector, in his summons clearly stated to Mr Odinga, that “he believes, him (Odinga) has information which can help him into his investigations, and therefore to appear before him and tender that information”; I portend to believe this is definitely for the good of all Kenyans in determining the truth. Otherwise why would he be so mean with information to that extent?  incase he has any?

More unfortunate is, that instead of Kenyans rising to the occasion and joining the investigative agencies to demand for the truth and any other relevant information from Mr Odinga, they have joined the crusader in defying to give that same evidence.

His supporters are singing alongside him and playing with him, guitar melodies, which they know not the rhythms. If you ask any of them, whether they know the evidence that Raila has? The answer will be “No”, and also whether any of them thinks that the evidence is important? The answer will be ” yes”.

Try then asking them, why they are helping Mr Odinga to sit on the evidence which they don’t know about but they believe is helpful? And they will annoyingly, tell you that the government or investigative agencies should not dare to summon Mr Odinga because it’s not his work to help in finding the truth even if it is true he is holding it.

To my interpretation this means; it’s right to forget about the scandal if it’s only Raila Odinga who has the evidence. He must not share it, and he must not care to help about solving the puzzle. Is that leadership?

What Mr Odinga is doing,simply, is like telling a stranger, “I know about the treasures you’re searching, they’re in my house, but I can’t show you where I stay, look for my home by yourself” which begs the question,isn’t that the greatest abuse on humanity?

Dear Kenyans, the Government, just like you and I may desperately be in need of the information Raila claims to have, unless he lacks  any and he only wanted to seek political mileage by rising false negative emotions amongst Kenyans.

His assertion that he doesn’t respect EACC and cannot honor its summons is actually insulting the people of Kenya who own the constitution…. And who allowed the formation of EACC. So when he says he has no respect for EACC, he’s simply saying he doesn’t respect the sovereignty of the Kenyan people and the supremacy of the constitution.

In the irony the many times that His Excellency President Kenyatta has tried to intervene personally on the fight of graft, Mr Odinga has detested and asked him to respect the independence of institutions such as EACC.

Art 1 gives all sovereign power to the people of Kenya and shall ONLY be exercised in accordance with the constitution

In which Article 2 places the Constitution as the supreme law of Kenya and it binds ALL persons and ALL state organs at both levels of government (doesn’t exclude Raila).

In Art 2(2) of CoK, the sovereign people have declared that NO person may CLAIM to exercise state authority except as authorized under the constitution, unfortunately Raila has established his own system of doing things.

Under the Bill of Rights Art. 33..particularly 1(a) states that every person has the right to access information held by another person and in this case Kenyans have a right to access information held by Raila for expedition of justice and accountability.

And this information can be collected through the EACC, which the people of Kenya, thru’ their sovereign will have established by virtue of Article 79 of CoK, and the EACC Act…for purposes of accountability.

EACC has the status and powers  of a commission under chapter 15, precisely(Art.249) of the CoK, and this includes what is set out, other than those in the objects of EACC Act, and National Police Service Act,….to summon witnesses, in aiding investigations, for the protection of the sovereignty of the people, to secure observance by all state organs of democratic principles and values and to promote *constitutionalism* (see emphasis)

Therefore if Raila Odinga says he doesn’t respect the EACC and cannot honor it’s summons is actually undermining our constitutionalism by trying to invent own operations other than what the constitution dictates…

I should remind him that Article 2(3) is explicit… “The validity or legality of the constitution is not subject to any challenge”; and therefore dishonoring the EACC is as a matter of truth, undermining the validity and legality of institutions created or otherwise established by it.

But, what’s more disturbing is his ongoing trend, he tries to cover up wrong doers by threatening institutions if they dare take actions on those speaking hateful messages such as Mr Muthama or Mr Aladwa,and his threats to IEBC in defence of Wetangula even despite the courts of justice having found him guilty of voter bribery.

We cannot continue to allow Mr Odinga to undermine and continue defying our constitutional order, the end result is anarchy; for these reasons, the former Prime Minister must observe the sanctity of our  constitution and honor summons to that effect.

CORD- Climax of all misnomers, the boldest of all frauds, and the grossest of all libels

IMG_20151115_101325_297These CORD leaders are up again with press conferences, to fault the government; whom do they help when they keep pointing accusing fingers? Are they celebrating at our challenges? When did Raila become a CIA or FBI or a CID? He thinks he knows so much of investigations….But lets know, we can’t solve problems with the same level of thinking that created them.

The best time to complain is right after you’ve come up with a solution to the problem. Pose the questions, present the answers, and then pose nude while the people make statues out of you in veneration.Hiding behind highlights of the problems alone is itself impunity.

Anyway I always say that we will never find the real truth in the CORD-opposition, individuals who are insecure of the government and have egos to protect their selfish -desparate urge for power.

For them truth over time becomes either guarded or twisted as their perspective changes; it changes with the seasons of their shame, hope or pride“

I hate their cradle-plundering, partial and hypocritical criticism of the government… I look upon them as the climax of all misnomers, the boldest of all frauds, and the grossest of all libels.

They have all been in government before, and as obvious  as it is, they never provided solutions, if they did then we couldn’t be having challenges today as a country, instead they kept quiet at that time, because maybe they were benefiting from the rot of the past governments, and what they want to do now is accuse the current government, even when they know they lack alternative solutions, so that Kenyans can get upset, send Uhuru home, and then give themselves another permit to loot too.

They wielded the blood-clotted cowskin when they were in government, now they fill their rallies with “white cloaks” because they’re in the opposition, and they claim to be  ministers of the meek and lowly if they form the next government . . .

Unfortunately we, the citizens-voters, are aroused against each other, we get drowned in the hypocritical shouts of the “pious master”- Mr. Odinga.

They give “blood-stained” gold to support their hypocrisy and their followers, in return, covers their infernal business with the garb of ignorant approval; Ultimately- here we have hypocrisy and ignorance, the allies of each other—devils dressed in angels’ robes, and hell presenting the semblance of paradise.

That’s why; I rather spend everyday of my life hanging off a cliff to rescue the government than spend one more time sitting in a pew next to hypocrites that talk about what they will do to better themselves and the world when they get around it.


Sometimes, I sit back and watch the delusional deception upon which, the- Kenyan people, whom the constitution, gives the title, the “sovereign”  are swinging on.

We have allowed politicians to use “fake truths”, and  to drag Kenyans into their “fool’s paradise, where we are sealed into our poor states,and  endowed by lords who undermine progress.

I am beginning to think that some viruses which cause ignorance are much scary than suffering from paramnesia and psychotic Schizophrenia, call them all Hypomaniacs.

When our politicians are fighting over who fixed Ruto, does it matter to them who fixed Sang? nor does it matter who fixed those who innocently lost lives during the post election violence? The obvious answer is, NO! They don’t care about that, save for the apology our president gave to the nation sometimes back. So if they don’t care about we, the people, some victims of the PEV, So should we sympathize and play with them their “political songs” of who fixed who? well if they fixed one another, let them fight it off in the boardrooms and courts but they must, spare we the people their mess.

On the other hand, I have always been of the opinion that Western people, It’s time we seek and make our own political destiny… There are no rules written that say we must forever stay in the opposition, that we must walk under the CORD religion and look forward to “Raila Salvation”.. in any case Raila did not save himself into power, something unlikely to happen, so how does he get to bring us salvation? No we must define our own political cause… We must choose allies who will walk with us into the ultimate throne..Hon Namwamba and his associates should just stop ” struggling ” to fit in CORD politics even when the antennas are bringing them no signals of efficiency, the arena in CORD has its Lords well predetermined, and all they are doing is using the Luhyas to their convenience.